Welcome to the LifeTrain Radio Station and BLOG


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You can read while listening to the smooth sounds of the LifeTrain Radio here.  We roll with Smooth Old School RnB and Smooth Jazz…  PRESS RADIO PLAYER BUTTON UPPER RIGHT.  ENJOY YOUR TIME ABOARD THE TRAIN!
4 comments on “Welcome to the LifeTrain Radio Station and BLOG
  1. ECIII says:

    The Sunday edition of Life Train jazz radio is right on time. I’m definitely in need of some mellow sounds about now.

  2. Gene Edwards says:

    Would like to add you for a program

  3. Kimberly Henley says:

    I’m loving you insperations
    And motivation words
    You are awesome

  4. Terry Evans says:

    This really made me think about my niece and daughter who have been mad at each other for some years. I am going to suggest to my daughter to send her cousin a card and say lets put the passed behind us. Life too short. Thank you Chuckie and Doctor.