This week, Stay in the present…

All Aboard!  Merry Monday!  Welcome back aboard the LifeTrain.   This week…let’s live in the present.  And speaking of the present as you read this article, for your enjoyment here on the Train we have piped in music!  Click the Radio button located in the upper right hand and enjoy the sounds as you read articles here.

Right at this moment is “YOUR LIFE!”.

Ah...Coffee and music.... Don't forget to click the radio button and enjoy Coffee and music as you read! All Aboard!

Ah…Coffee and music….
Don’t forget to click the radio button and enjoy Coffee and music as you read! All Aboard!

Right at this moment is your life you might wonder ‘when will my life get better’? or ‘when will I get over this’? ‘when will things improve’? If you are wondering those things, you are wasting your life. Because the only time that

you have power over, is right now, right at this second.

Only right now, right at this second, do you have power to change.

If you feel sad, try to distract your mind. Do something small right now, to make you feel better. Try to focus on right now. By staying with the present, you become in full control of your life. And therefore in better control, of making better life plans for the future.

There is no magical place, in the future when things will get better, it is now. As this is all that you have power over.

One of the biggest reasons for stress, anxiety, is being in a situation that you feel is out of your control. It can feel overwhelming. But the truth is, in most every day circumstances, you have the power right now, to be how you want to be, to feel how you want to.

Live in your

Live in your moment…now.

It is up to you whether you choose to be happy or sad. You can change your mind in an instant. The power and the choice is yours.
If you are feeling low. Do something NOW which YOU enjoy. Don’t worry about the future. Or sit in reflection on the past. You cannot change the past. You can shape the future, but it has not happened yet. Why waste today? And the joy that you could experience today, by focusing on joy that might, or might not happen tomorrow?

Have something nice to eat, go for a walk, see something beautiful, be that, architecture, art, wildlife, see the beauty that is all around you. Have a candle lit bath, indulge yourself. If you are feeling low, now is the time, to put extra effort into recharging your energy.

By focusing on what might happen in the future, or sitting in reflection of the past, you are wasting your life. Because life, your life, is simply now. Right now, right as you are reading this, at this very second. This is you.

So passengers, the point for this week is, be with the present, take control of your life, focus on now, and you will learn that the secret of true happiness really does come from within.

All Aboard!  The LifeTrain!

3 comments on “This week, Stay in the present…
  1. Amelia says:

    This is a very powerful message Conductor. It speaks directly to me. I had to read over it twice just to make sure I was receiving all it had to offer. I recently experienced a loss that definitely took my breath away for a moment. Then I plugged into the LifeTrain and listen to some music and managed to find breath again. I hope you know how much I love riding the LifeTrain Conductor.

    Thank you from the bottom of my healing broken heart.

  2. chuckie says:


    I pray you will be comforted by Our Father…In Jesus name. I’m glad that the article provided some comfort. Keep riding!!! The LifeTrain…

  3. Carmen says:

    Well Mr. Conductor, you’ve done it again! You’ve given me a reason to look into the mirror. The only person who can change what and where I allow my thoughts to to travel to and focus on is MWAH! You are so correct! Dwelling in the past with the wouldas shoulds couldas only brings regrets and depression…and who in their right mind want to dwell in those places. And living in the future is not guaranteed to go the way I’ve planned. So the best, less stressful, place to be is the here and now. It takes practice to live in the here and now when you’re used to traveling to the past and future, but it’s a practice worth pursuing, and your suggestions are a good place to start.

    As always Mr. Conductor, I am so grateful for the rides that are provided on the Train. I know that when I hop aboard, we are going to travel to a place that will bring me into focus mentally and spiritually of where I am in this thing called life. The rides always cause me to see me from a different perspective. As we ride down these tracks, my prayer for you is that God continue to bless you, even more so, with the desires of your heart — as you continue bless others!

    Your faithful passenger,