“Legally Speaking!” – With Attorney Ewing Carter III

ALL ABOARD!  As we continue down the tracks this Tuesday, “TIPs TUESDAY”, the train stops at the station called:  “The Law office of Ewing Carter III”.


Chuckie:  Attorney E!!!

Chuckie:  E, I was thinking…
EC III:  Uh Oh passengers we are in trouble.  Who knows what’s coining next??!!
Chuckie:  No…seriously, stop playing.
EC III:  Ok…What’s up?

Chuckie:  I was thinking that you should make me a full partner in your Lawfirm.  And we should perhaps rename it to “The Law office of Daniel and Carter.  EH?  Like that?
EC III:  There’s just one little problem with that cat daddy…LAW SCHOOL!  As in you pass the bar and we will talk…

Chuckie:  You know what man, you always sweating the details.  YOU ARE ALWAYS GETTING BOGGED DOWN IN DETAILS!  Let’s just get to the question…”GEORGE!”.  Here read this, it’s an email from one of  only two fans of “Legally speaking”.  The other one being you!  I wish the passengers could see you putting on those coke bottle bottom glasses.

EC III:  My …LOL… Aren’t we the sensitive one today, MAN-O-PAUSE?


EC III:  Let’s see here.

Dear Mr. Conductor, would you please pass this on the Attorney Carter.  This is causing my family and I a great degree of anxiety.  My sister, Denise (who lives in Cincinnati, Oh) has a 15yr. old daughter, Stephanie that has had “behavioral problems” at her high school.  My husband and I live in Dayton, Ohio.  During the brief Thanksgiving “holiday break”, we brought Stephanie back to live with us so she could complete her high school education in Cincinnati.  Our children are grown and on their own.  I have a good relationship with Stephanie, and feel that I can monitor her more closely than her mother.  Denise is working full-time and taking classes at night in hopes of making a career change.  When I went to enroll Stephanie in our local public high school, the Principal stated that because she is changing schools in the middle of the year, a court Order was required authorizing her transfer.  How do I handle this?  How long will this take, because Stephanie doesn’t need to miss anymore school days?

EC III: [answer] Consult with an attorney that handles domestic and/or civil cases.  The quickest method is to obtain a Custody Consent Order for your niece. Procedurally, your lawyer would draft a “friendly lawsuit” naming you and your husband as “plaintiffs,” and both Denise and Stephanie’s father as “defendants.”  If both parents are involved in the child’s life, then both would provide notarized signatures agreeing to the school transfer as part of the Consent Order.  Also, the reason for the transfer would have to be “in the best interests of the child.”

In the past, children have moved from school to school for the following reasons: 1) seeking a higher profile school for sports involvement, 2) personal conflicts with peers, and 3) parents unhappy with the quality of education in their neighborhood schools.  The Court’s involvement with mid-year school transfers assist in stabilizing school districts by keeping these types of transfers at a minimum.

Most jurisdictions will permit a student to enroll immediately, if the school receives a copy of a filed “friendly lawsuit.” After that point, the actual Custody Consent Order will need to be presented to the school within thirty (30) days.  Again, that Order will include the signatures of the plaintiffs, defendant(s) and District Court Judge.

Chuckie:  Well, at least you know the law, if not athletics.
EC III:  Email the passenger back please.  I’d like to know how things turn out for her.  And as for you…  “GET OUT!”


One comment on ““Legally Speaking!” – With Attorney Ewing Carter III
  1. Carmen says:

    Man… Aren’t you getting tired of getting kicked out of the legal car!!! 😀