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Therapy Thursday – with Dr. Hayman

I’m tripping a bit because sometimes I pay it forward with these writings.  I write for closure, I write because it’s cathartic but, most of all I hope that writings will help.  Well, now i know they do because sometimes

Focusing on the positive side of life…

It is truly difficult to be happy these days with all the negativity that surrounds us. The television news brings the horror of today’s reality right into our own homes. You can have nightmares from the ugly images that we

Therapy Thursday with Dr. Emily Hath PhD. – This week, “Dealing with Lost Love”

Hey passengers, Welcome to “Therapy Thursday” on the LifeTrain.  A very good friend of mine  recently asked me if I would ask Dr.E if she could ever fully recover from a failed love in order to fully love her new husband to

Merry Monday…”Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Taken!”

All Aboard!!! And Merry Monday as we say at the start of the week here on the LifeTrain.  Dear Passengers…The fact that you hopped the train to ride with me makes me owe you a debt of gratitude.  So, here’s

“Legally Speaking!” – With Attorney Ewing Carter III

ALL ABOARD!  As we continue down the tracks this Tuesday, “TIPs TUESDAY”, the train stops at the station called:  “The Law office of Ewing Carter III”. KICK IT! Chuckie:  Attorney E!!! EC III:  CHUCK D!!! Chuckie:  E, I was thinking… EC III:

Battling Holiday Blues with Dr. Diedra Hayman, Ph.D.

Well passengers once again the good Doctor, Dr.Diedra Hayman, Ph.D. is back with us here on the LifeTrain. Dr. Hayman’s goal is to provide a relevant and user-friendly venue for discovering ways to move forward with your life. This week

Let’s Talk “Holiday Blues” with Dr. Emily Hath Ph.D.

All Aboard!  Welcome back to the Train, The LifeTrain.  As you board today I do the usual, hand you a business card to start your ride.  It reads: Love is the ocean which accepts all manner of rivers without questioning

This week, Stay in the present…

All Aboard!  Merry Monday!  Welcome back aboard the LifeTrain.   This week…let’s live in the present.  And speaking of the present as you read this article, for your enjoyment here on the Train we have piped in music!  Click the

“Pass the keys”…. with Attorney Ewing Carter III,

Hey Passengers we need to visit with our LifeTrain resident Lawyer Attorney Ewing Carter III (!  And just what train do you know of that has its own legal car!  Boy I tell you, I just love being the conductor of this here