A LifeTrain “Mirror” moment…

Hey Passengers, periodically I “SERIOUSLY” have to look into the mirror.  Today I did a little self-talk into the proverbial mirror.  Ease drop for a few, here you go:

Mr. Conductor…Your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.

Do not put limits on yourself; others will do that for you. Fight your inner “prison,” and break

Positive Self-talk

through those barriers – real or imagined – to attain the success that is deep within you. Success should not be determined by material things that are shallow and can easily pass away. Your success should be defined by the meaningful goals that you have achieved in life – a satisfying career, a lasting relationship, making a difference in your community, helping others, etc. These are the things that will gladden your soul and have lasting value. Be strong; stay focused on the important things. Maintain hope, and practice resolute willpower. This will be tough to do but very worthwhile in the end!

End of mirror moment…

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One comment on “A LifeTrain “Mirror” moment…
  1. joseph abbey says:

    Introspection can be faulty at be faulty at best. Be thankful of your blessing to understand.